Social media marketing is important for putting projects on the map in this ever-growing online society. We look for the best strategy and see exactly what type of content is needed. We carefully map out each step of the process with you. 

For us, it is essential to push our clients in the spotlights by proposing a strategy that will really stick to your objectives!


On the basis of a detailed briefing, we come up with a unique concept that meets all the requirements of our client. We let our creativity run wild, fine-tune the story and create the look and feel.


With an elaborated concept we can get started with the preparations. We arrange everything in detail. From casting the actors, drawing up the call sheets, creating the mood boards to looking for the perfect locations.


Lights, camera, action!
Our team of professionals ensures that the concept takes shape on the set. Ideas become reality and the video starts to take shape.


Here is where the magic happens! All previous work comes together as a whole. From editing to sound design, our team makes sure everything is right down to the last detail.


The success of high-engaging video content lies in the ability to condense information down into easily digestible content that can maintain viewers' attention and leave them wanting more.

At Radax Productions, we translate your vision into a visual result. We make good looking content that actually works, because our ideas link back to your business problem and real audience insights. 

The possibilities with photography are endless, wether it is product photography, event shoots, real estate or even fashion shoots. We got you covered!

At Radax Productions, we help you find the perfect style to stand out from your competitors, because outstanding brand identity is key.


From explainer to animated pack shots, we find the best way to tell your story, sell your product or promote your service.

That’s why Radax Productions makes it a priority to create touching, colourful and creative animations that will highlight the sincerity of your approach to your target audience.

Our animations have a strong emotional impact and therefore offer a memorable experience that invites sharing.

are you ready to take your business to the next level?